Home Exterior - Siding *

The siding on your home should be cleaned and inspected periodically to preserve its appearance.

Care and Maintenance Tips Cleaning

  • Clean siding every 1-2 years using a garden hose and soft bristled brush.
  • If further cleaning is required, a mild household cleaner may be used but carefully follow manufacturer's instructions and test a small discrete area first before proceeding to the rest of the home.

General Information

  • Inspect caulking around exterior windows, doors, trim, j-channel, and vent pipes. Always remove caulk before applying new caulk.
  • Never use a pressure washer to clean siding as it may chip or crack the siding and force water though the seams.
  • Avoid excessive overspray from sprinklers on any type of siding.

* If you are in a Condo residence please refer to your Condo Association Documents to verify your responsibilities, if any, for the maintenance of these areas.