Interior Finish & Details - Hardware

Door knobs, interior and exterior stair rails, as well as plumbing and electrical fixtures have finishes (brass, nickel, etc.) and operating parts that require periodic cleaning.

Care and Maintenance Tips Door knobs/Hinges

  • Lubricate key holes and door lock mechanisms with a graphite spray to allow ease of use.
  • Apply a standard household "3-in-1" oil to lubricate hinges that may squeak or provide resistance when operating.
  • Periodically inspect door stops to ensure they are not bent or the rubber stopper has fallen off to protect wall surfaces and the door surface from damage.


  • Manufacturers typically apply a protective coating to the plated surface of brass, bronze, and other antique finish products.
  • In time, the protective lacquer may deteriorate either from exposure to weather, extremes of climate, frequency of use or other factors.
  • Tarnishing or excessive wear of these finishes is a normal process which is unavoidable.
  • Hardware finishes can be cleaned easily and quickly with a soft cloth and warm, soapy water to remove fingerprints and dust.

* If you are in a Condo residence please refer to your Condo Association Documents to verify your responsibilities, if any, for the maintenance of these areas.