Plumbing - Faucets

Your faucets come with a 1 year installation warranty and a separate manufacturer's warranty for the parts and function.

Care and Maintenance Tips Cleaning

  • Regular cleaning will help maintain the shine and the appearance of your faucets. Choose a cleaning product and method in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendation for the type of finish of your faucets, and be careful to avoid using any cleaning products that will scratch or damage the finish.
  • Do not leave standing water on faucets to help control water spotting and mineral buildup.
  • Mineral deposits around faucets can be removed with vinegar. Simply spray and let the vinegar sit 10-15 minutes then scrub with an old toothbrush.
  • Occasional cleaning of the aerators on your faucets (normally every three to four months) will allow proper flow of water. The city or municipality water department controls the overall water pressure.

Leaking Faucets

  • If water is leaking without running the faucet, call your Plumber to make an appointment for repair.
  • If water is leaking when running the faucet, shut off the water source (all sink shut offs are located under the cabinet or faucet).
  • For bathtubs and shower modules, the shutoffs are built into the faucet. To turn off the water supply remove the handle and plate cover and shut off the water using a flat screwdriver (shut offs will be visible when plate is removed).
  • Sometimes a leaking faucet could mean a bad cartridge or washer. Call the manufacturer and they may be able to send you new parts with installation instructions.

* If you are in a Condo residence please refer to your Condo Association Documents to verify your responsibilities, if any, for the maintenance of these areas.